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Welcome to The BoardPASS Challenge Quiz!

The challenge requires you to successfully accumulate a minimum of 80 points out of a total possible score of 100 points from correctly answering quiz questions. You are presented with 25 multiple-choice questions in total and each correct answer is worth four points.

Quiz instructions:

1. Click on the heading ‘The BoardPASS Challenge’ in the Quizzes table below. Twenty-five multiple-choice questions will appear.

2. To successfully pass the quiz, you must correctly answer enough questions to accumulate a quiz score of 80 points.

3. Remember to click on the ‘Finish Quiz‘ button at the end of the final question to see your results and score!

4. If you do not successfully pass the test on the first attempt, you may like to access online training to help you answer questions correctly. You will find a full suite of governance and charity related training in the Skills Development section on BoardPASS 365.

To login to BoardPASS, please go to url:

In the top-right corner of the homepage, enter the username in box 1 and password in box 2 before clicking the green login button alongside. The username is: boardpasschallenge  and the password is: BCsupport16?

5. Once you have accessed the training online in BoardPASS 365, you may like to attempt the quiz again. You may access the training and attempt the quiz again anytime within the 7 day access period.

6. Upon successful completion of the quiz, CramdenTECH will email you with a PDF copy of your personalised BoardPASS Challenge Certificate and a copy of the 3rd edition Board Governance Handbook. You will also receive a jpeg badge that may be added to your email signature, Facebook page or website!

6. Click on the Quiz heading below to start the quiz. Good luck!


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