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This short skills building course will help you to better understand the process involved in creating strategic plans. Strategic planning activity is essential in any successful organisation. Though plans may be presented in a variety of ways, there are several core elements that all plans typically have in common, including:

  • Organisation history and background
  • Management and governance structures
  • Outline of strategic direction
  • Analysis of the organisation’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

The ‘Creating Strategic Plans’ skills builder includes a practical text-based resource and a ‘Strategic Plan Template‘. Using the template will help you to create strategic plans for your enterprise or non-profit group.

 Completion Time

This skills builder takes approximately 12 minutes to complete.

Target Audience

Creating Strategic Plans’ is suitable for people operating in a broad range of commercial enterprise and non-profit settings.

Related Courses

Creating Strategic Plans’ may be used as a companion resource for the course ‘Business Planning for Social Enterprises’ available on this platform.


This resource may be accessed free-of-charge.

The Creating Strategic Plans skills builder is a CramdenTECH BoardPASS eLearning Resource.