Brand Building Fundamentals for SME


All organisations have a brand whether they realise it or not. In our social media age and with an ever increasing spotlight being cast on enterprises of all types, it is essential that businesses manage their brands. Strong brands help companies to engage and communicate more effectively with target audiences and influence stakeholders in general.

In our upcoming microlearning course ‘Brand Building Fundamentals for SME‘, participants will:
  • Explain what brands are and how they can help companies influence customer perceptions
  • List the steps necessary to build an effective brand on a shoestring budget
  • Explain how to create a practical marketing action plan to build awareness and support
Topics covered during the self-directed course will include:
  • Brand definitions
  • Reasons for enterprises of all sizes to develop brands
  • Getting buy-in from managers and staff
  • Understanding corporate identity and why it is important
  • Understanding what you want a brand to achieve
  • Steps involved in creating a practical marketing action plan
  • Measuring progress and the success of your brand
If you are not sure whether or not this eLearning option is for you, why not take a sneak preview of one of the course scenarios! Just click on the orange ‘Launch’ button beneath to open an interactive resource that highlights the importance of visual components in building corporate identity.
Launch Presentation
If you are interested in taking the course online when it goes live in September, drop CramdenTECH an email at or telephone Client Services on 087-2194541 for further details.