New research conducted by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) for World Employee Appreciation Day, March 4th, indicates that over a third of Irish employees (38%) don’t feel appreciated in their workplace.

The NSAI survey also found that 73% of workplaces do not provide regular team building activities, while almost a quarter (21%) said they feel their organisation is not committed to health and safety in the workplace.

Half of all respondents said they do not know what their organisation’s strategy is for the next three years.

This is according to a survey of 219 people who took part in an online survey, 156 are employees, 45 are managers, while 18 described themselves as an employer.

Thirty two percent admitted they are not offered any training or upskilling opportunities in their workplace, while a quarter (25%) said they do not have the opportunity to give their manager feedback on their job.

NSAI is running information seminars throughout 2016 for organisations who wish to learn more about Excellence Through People. This guide provides organisations with the tools they need to ensure their employees are motivated, developed and working to their full potential. It is Ireland’s only certification scheme for effective human resource development.

The scheme is available to all organisations, regardless of size, in both the public and private sectors. Certification is achieved by organisations that have best practice human resource systems in place, particularly in the area of staff training and development, communication, and staff involvement in the decision making processes in the organisation.

Head of Excellence Through People at the NSAI, Michelle Browne said, “Training new staff is costly, and employers use all manners of techniques to boost worker morale and help retain employees and their valuable expertise. As the Irish economy recovers and more companies set up in Ireland, it is vital organisations invest in their greatest asset, their employees.

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