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If your non-profit employs staff, then be aware of the areas that can cause problems in the employer/employee relationship.

Hire appropriately, manage fairly and motivate effectively if you wish to retain productive staff.

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This was an amazing experience. The trainer was so knowledgeable about the topic at hand. I have no hesitation in recommending BFS.

Sam Knowles

Irish Web HQ

Course undertaken
Growing Trading Income (community & Social Enterprise)

A very practical course! Easy to follow. Will definitely be able to put what I've learned into practice.


Charity Board Member

Course undertaken
The Role of Company Secretary

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Key Trends in Digital Marketing

The digital marketing landscape is ever changing, and businesses can no longer ignore this. Many companies just stick with what they know best in terms of marketing, but in order to stay current in this ever-changing world, it is a good idea to consider the current key trends. Here are four digital marketing trends that […]

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What GDPR Means for Digital Marketers

The first thing that’s important to point out is that GDPR WILL affect your business if you process data from EU citizens, even if your business is based outside the EU. The next thing is that as a digital marketer, you are going to have to be transparent any time you wish to collect data […]

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Google aims to upskill and educate Irish SMEs

Google has today launched its Staying Ahead Digital Roadshow, the first in a series of events held in partnership with Enterprise Ireland which aims to upskill and educate Irish SMEs in reaching new customers, expanding their businesses and future-proofing their operations for a digital world. The Staying Ahead Digital Roadshow is part of a dedicated […]

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Government could allegedly start monitoring citizens’ social media

The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection’s potential online monitoring plans are causing privacy concerns. According to a report in The Irish Times today (27 August), the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection is seeking various media monitoring tenders. If a contract does come into being, the media monitoring would include information regarding what users […]

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