Writing Funding Applications – Non-profits

Improve their skills in writing successful funding applications for their organisations.

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Write a Business Plan

Turn your business idea into a practical plan of action with our micro-learning course.

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Developing Smart Villages

The ultimate purpose in developing smart villages is to make rural communities more resilient.

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Board Induction Training (Non-Profits)

Joining a non-profit board and lending your skills and experience to pursue a greater good is always an exciting time!

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Board Governance Handbook – 6th Edition

Would you like to provide a comprehensive corporate governance overview to your Board or Committee?

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The General Data Protection Regulation – Level 2

A course for departmental line managers, Heads of Function, company directors and those responsible for ensuring GDPR

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Role of the Chairperson (Non-Profits)

Learn the duties and responsibilities of a board Chairperson.

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Growing Trading Income

Learn the factors that any organisation will need to consider as it grows its trading income.

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The General Data Protection Regulation – Level 1

A course for staff, supervisors and line managers working in customer facing roles or data handling related positions.

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Creating Visual Content and Graphic Designs

If you would like to achieve professional looking graphics, then this practical course is for you!

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The Governance Code Resource Pack

‘The Governance Code Resource Pack‘ is designed for boards and staff who support the work of non-profit organisations.

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The Principles of Customer Service

Explore customer service from the perspectives of front-line staff.

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