In a recent survey conducted by iReach Insights, 1,000 adults were asked about their thoughts on job automation and whether this will be a threat to employment in Ireland.

Fifty per cent believe job automation will happen in the near future, 43% in the far future and 7% don’t think job automation will occur at all in the future.

Furthermore, 55% of adults [48%: Female, 63%: Male] in Ireland believe that job automation is positive in terms of productivity and prosperity in the Irish economy and 45% [52%: Female, 37%: Male] believe it’s negative.

When asked “Do you consider advances in technology and job automation as a threat to employment rate in Ireland?” 22% of adults believe it is and immediate threat, 64% believe it’s a threat in the future and 14% don’t believe they’re a threat at all.

Eighty three percent believe job automation is an inevitable phenomenon and four in five (81%) in Ireland agree that job automation will contribute to a rise in unemployment.

Article Source: Business World