Up to 11% of the value of Irish Government contracts may be won by overseas companies.

This is according to Chairman of Bid Management Services, Peter Brennan and Co-Author of a new book ‘Public Procurement: Rules of the Road.’

Bid Management Services surveyed its clients and found nearly 90% of companies have a win rate of less than one in four, 75% of tenders won were valued at less than €100,000 and the two main barriers to tendering are public bodies’ resistance to providing a de-briefing and badly defined technical specifications.

Commenting at the book launch in Dublin, Peter Brennan said, “What we call ‘leakage’ of procurement contracts to firms in other EU Member States is normally under 2%. However, in Ireland the leakage rate at 11% is far too high. We need to reverse the trend of transferring a significant proportion of Government expenditure outside the State with a resultant loss in Exchequer revenue and jobs.”

Article source: Business World