BDO have today released findings from their quarterly poll of business leaders regarding election concerns.

The BDO Optimism index is a quarterly survey of 350 Irish Businesses.

It has been conducted every quarter for over six years by leading market researchers Behaviour and Attitudes. Respondents are all Business owners, CEO’s or leading Managers within the organisations.

When asked which political party best represents their needs, 31% of businesses said they were still undecided, and 14% said none of the parties. Thirty per cent of business owners said Fine Gael best addressed their business’ needs, Fianna Fáil 7%, Labour 2% and Sinn Fein 2%.

Eighty per cent of company owners said they would like to see the next government make changes to employee related taxes, with 78% saying the next government needs to improve Ireland’s infrastructure.

A total of 50% of all businesses surveyed said Brexit is issue, an increase from the 35% who raised the issue as a significant concern in the previous BDO poll during the summer of 2015.

Difficulty securing credit and funding from financial institutions is still a problem for business despite the upturn in the economy over the past number of years, with 56% of those surveyed saying they’d like to see the next government address the issue.

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