The Small Firms Association (SFA) have today released their pre-Budget 2017 submission. The submission calls for a number of priority areas for investment including improving broadband infrastructure, developing public transport links, building a real motorway network linking regional cities, addressing housing shortages and enhancing education and in-work training.

The Association have also called for an end discrimination against the self employed in the tax system to encourage entrepreneurship.

The SFA claim this would include abolishing the 3% USC surcharge that applies only to the self-employed and increasing the EITC to the same level as the PAYE tax credit.

SFA Chairman, AJ Noonan commented, “Budget 2017 will chart a course forward at a time when Ireland’s economic future could follow a number of trajectories. Small businesses make up 99% of our enterprise base and employ half the private sector workforce.”

He added, “More than anything, the upcoming Budget must deliver competitiveness improvements to allow small businesses to put their best foot forward, domestically and internationally.”

Article Source: Business World