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Module Overview
In this short course, we will explore the legal duties and responsibilities attaching to the roles of company director and company secretary of a Company Limited by Guarantee. As The Companies Act 2014 commenced on June 1st, 2015, we will also examine the implications of the act for existing Companies Limited by Guarantee and those who may be interested in registering a CLG in the future.
This practical guide to company law for CLG directors and company secretaries, covers the following key topics:
  • Minimum  legal requirements boards of CLG must adhere to
  • Role of company members
  • Duties and responsibilities of Company Directors
  • Duties and administrative responsibilities of Company Secretaries
  • Considerations when updating an existing company constitution (incorporating the Memorandum and Articles of Association)
  • Implications of the Companies Act 2014 for CLG formations in the future
  • Implications of the Companies Act 2014 for existing CLG
  • Board governance processes and procedures
  • Corporate compliance considerations

In addition to completing the course, participants receive a soft copy of the 3rd Edition of the BoardPASS Board Governance Handbook plus templates and checklists suitable for use by board directors and sub-committee members.

The Handbook and resources provided in this course are particularly suitable for companies limited by guarantee who have a charity registration number from the Charities Regulatory Authority and/or CHY number from the Revenue Commissioners.

Completion Time

This skills builder takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

Target Audience

Board Directors Guide to running a Company Limited by Guarantee‘ is designed for people who support the work of non-profit Companies Limited by Guarantee in a professional capacity or who serve as CLG directors and company secretaries.


The course costs €30 for 30 days unlimited access.


Participants may independently print a Certificate of Completion upon successfully completing the course. This certificate reflects one hour of unstructured Continuing Professional Development.

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