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This eLearning resource is delivered in collaboration with Carmichael.

Course Overview

Accurate minute taking is an essential part of good meeting practice. The keeping of accurate meeting minutes is also an essential requirement for companies whether public or private.

Course Structure

The course is divided into 5 component parts and takes approx. 30 minutes to review. Participants should allow for additional time to review the minutes template which accompanies the course. Topics are self-contained to facilitate micro-learning for the time conscious participant.

1. Taking Meeting Minutes

In this lesson, we review the role of minute taker and the different types of minutes that may be taken at meetings.

2. How to Take Meeting Minutes

In this lesson, the focus is on discursive minutes and how such minutes may be recorded.

3. Listening Skills

Good listening skills are essential for individuals taking notes during meetings. In this lesson, we learn more about active listening and methods for improving listening skills.

4. Note Taking During Meetings

In this lesson, we consider how best to prepare for the role of minute taker at a meeting.

5. How to Help Luke?

In this lesson, we apply what we have learned in previous lessons to a relevant hypothetical situation.

Upon successfully completing the course, participants may download free of charge a course Certificate of Completion.

Commence the Course & General Instructions

Please progress through each of the lessons in the course sequentially.

To move from one lesson page to another, click on the ‘Mark Complete’ button located at the end of each lesson page. Once you have clicked the ‘Mark Complete’ button, you may then progress to the next lesson in the course.

Some lesson pages contain interactive resources. To open an interactive resource, click the orange ‘Launch’ button contained on the web page. Click on the ‘Next’ buttons or arrows within each interactive resource to move from one screen to the next within each of these resources.

Document names in red within a lesson or topic page denote that the document is available to download. Just click on the document name (in blue) to open it for viewing and download.

To start the course, click on the lesson 1 heading in the table below.