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Welcome to the Social Enterprise Development eLearning Programme brought to you by Carmichael. We hope you find programme content helpful as you develop your social enterprise or non-profit organisation.





Target Audience

This programme is designed with the needs of social enterprises and growing non-profits in mind. It provides a practical hands-on approach to problem-solving and business planning for directors, senior managers and supervisors who do not have a background in enterprise development.


Programme Structure

The programme is divided into 5 component modules (stand-alone courses) and takes approx. 26 hours to fully review. Participants should allow time to read the practical templates which accompany selected topics. Topics are self-contained to facilitate micro-learning for the time conscious participant.


Carmichael would like to acknowledge this project was approved by Government with support from the Dormant Accounts Fund.




The content provided in this eLearning programme is not exhaustive and should not be construed as advice. Elearning resources are intended to aid in the development of social enterprise management knowledge by participants completing each module. If you plan to use the content and especially the policy templates and other sample documents accompanying topics in your organisation, please ensure that you first adapt them to suit your own requirements. No liability can be accepted for any consequences arising from the use of the content provided in this eLearning programme.


Programme Instructions

Please click on the heading “Lesson 1: eLearning Programme Instructions” in the table beneath to learn how to navigate through programme content.