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Course Overview

The data protection regulation commonly referred to as the ‘GDPR’, will come into force throughout the EU and EEA on May 25th, 2018. This regulation is highly significant for any organisation who handles or monitors the personal data of individuals within the EU and EEA. The regulation aims to:

  • Safeguard the personal data privacy rights of individuals.
  • Heighten accountability for how personal data is acquired and handled.

The GDPR applies to organisations (and sole traders) who:

  • collect, share and use the personal data of EU/EEA residents; or, who
  • offer goods and services to, or monitors EU/EEA residents.

The GDPR applies, irrespective of the country where the organisation is established. Thus, the GDPR has expanded the territorial scope of EU data protection law.

The First Step to Compliance – GDPR Level 1 

CramdenTECH’s Level 1 course provides you with an overview of the Regulation and the significance of the GDPR for organisations large and small. It provides a practical first step to understanding the potential implications of GDPR for your company.

The Level 1 course may be used as part of staff awareness training around the GDPR.

Please note that CramdenTECH’s Level 2 course is designed to meet the needs of department managers, Heads of Function or company directors who are responsible for planning or leading GDPR compliance within their organisations.

Target Audience

‘The General Data Protection Regulation course – Level 1’ is brought to you by CramdenTECH Ltd. and is aimed at staff, supervisors and line managers working in customer facing roles or data handling related positions.

Course Structure

The course is divided into seven component parts and takes approximately 1 hour to review. Practical templates are provided with course topics. Participants should allow for additional time to fully complete the practical work associated with the final lessons in the course. Topics are self-contained to facilitate micro-learning for the time conscious participant.

1. Introduction to the GDPR

This introductory lesson will help you to familiarise yourself with what the General Data Protection Regulation is and who the Regulation applies to. It also provides you with an opportunity to learn about the Data Protection Principles that organisations must adhere if they are to comply with the GDPR when processing personal data.

2. Key Data Protection Terminology

In this lesson we define what we mean by the terms ‘Data Subject, ‘Data Controller’, ‘Data Processor’, ‘Data Processing’ and ‘Supervisory Authority’.

3. Strengthening the Rights of Individuals

This lesson provides you with an overview of the privacy rights of individuals and the compliance implications of the GDPR.

4. The Principle of Accountability

The Accountability Principle is highly significant, as it compels organisations to demonstrate how they are complying with the data protection principles contained in the GDPR. How organisations demonstrate or evidence compliance will reflect the nature of their activities and organisation size. But irrespective of how large an organisation is, accountability for and transparency in the processing of personal data is a must!

5. Complying with the GDPR

Building on what we learned about the rights of individuals in Lesson 3, in this lesson we look at some of the practical ways in which the GDPR may impact on staff (or charity volunteers) in their day-to-day work. It also provides participants with a quick summary of the actions that should be taken in advance of May 2018 to ensure GDPR compliance.

6. Keeping Data Secure – Personal Top Tips

In this lesson of the Level 1 – GDPR course, we take a quick look at some of the things we can each do, to help keep personal data secure in our organisations.

7. Course Assessment

Upon successful completion of the final course assessment each participant will be able to independently download a Certificate of Course Completion. CramdenTECH will independently validate course certificates for successful participants.


The course costs €36.90 per participant for 30 days course access.

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Commence the Course & General Instructions

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  1. Please progress through each of the lessons in the course sequentially.
  2. To move from one lesson page to another, click on the ‘Mark Complete’ button located at the end of each lesson page. Once you have clicked the ‘Mark Complete’ button, you may then progress to the next lesson in the course.
  3. Some lesson pages contain interactive resources. To open an interactive resource, click the orange ‘Launch’ button contained on the web page. Click on the ‘Next’ buttons or arrows within each interactive resource to move from one screen to the next within each of these resources.
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