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Course Overview

Turn your business idea into a practical plan of action with our micro-learning course. Create a business plan that provides a solid blueprint to help realise the opportunities available in your marketplace.

A successful business plan can help you to:

  • Focus attention on the activities that will help your business achieve its key objectives.
  • Communicate to funders and investors the actions that will be undertaken to develop an economically sustainable business.
  • Motivate and inspire colleagues to help realise the potential of the business.
  • Maximise business performance and trading results.

In this course, we explore each component of a business plan and provide you with a workbook of resources to help guide you. Follow the lesson plan and write your business plan as you progress!

Target Audience

This course has been designed with business owners, business start-up founders and managers of social enterprises in mind.

The course will also benefit business development professionals who are tasked with growing market share in their industry sectors.

Course Structure

The course is divided into 9 component parts each of which is designed to help develop the insight necessary, to write a practical and achievable business plan. The course takes approximately 2 hours to review. You will have access to a combination of learning resources including video materials, workbook, interactive resources and templates.

Upon successful completion of the course quiz, you may independently download a Certificate of Completion.


The course costs €38.90 for 90 days online access.

Commence the Course and General Instructions

Once you have purchased the course you will automatically be enrolled in the course. Please progress through each of the lessons in the course sequentially.

Click on the first lesson in the course content table to commence the course.

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