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Course Overview

Please view our video to get an overview of the writing funding applications course.

Target Audience

This course has been designed for voluntary board members, volunteers and staff who wish to improve their skills in writing successful funding applications for their organisations.  

The course will also be of benefit to anyone with an interest in communicating their cause more effectively!

Ultimately, the course will be of interest to organisations large and small who wish to increase the level of income secured through grants and funding applications.

Course Structure

The course is divided into six component parts and takes approximately 1.5 hours to review.  Topics are practical and self-contained to facilitate micro-learning for the time conscious participant.

LessonFocus of Learning
Making a DifferenceWe learn about an organisations Theory of Change and how to differentiate between a project’s Needs – Solutions – Benefits.
Engaging with FundersIn this lesson we learn about the use of application forms and the steps in a typical application process.
Scoping the Need for FundingKey topics covered include:
Defining problems or needs
Constructing a needs statement
Evidencing need
Identifying application support documents
Writing the Funding ApplicationKey topics covered in this lesson include:
Project Needs
Funding Needs
Declarations and Acknowledgements
Avoiding Banana SkinsIn this lesson we consider reasons why funding applications sometimes fail to secure support.
The Writing Process – from Theory to PracticeIn this lesson, we bring together what we have learned. Using an explanatory case study, we see how we might answer some of the typical questions posed on funding applications.
Final LessonCourse Quiz

Upon successful completion of the final course quiz, each participant will be able to independently download a Certificate of Course Completion.

Course Trainers

The Writing Funding Applications – Non-profits elearning resource brought to you by CramdenTECH Ltd. under the direction of trainer Caroline Egan.


The course costs €49.81 for 90 days course access.

Commence the Course and General Instructions

Once you have purchased the course you will automatically be enrolled in the course. Please progress through each of the lessons in the course sequentially.

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