According to the Irish Industrial Development Authority annual survey of employment in multinational companies, employment in the Irish multinational sector grew by 6.8% in 2015 to a fresh high of 187,000.

This is the sharpest pace of job creation in the sector since the survey began in 2003 and compares with 4.9% gain in 201.

For the first time, employment growth in multinationals outside the Dublin and mid-east region has outpaced the capital for the first time. Of total 11,833 jobs created 5,793 were in Dublin and mid-east region but 6,040 were from multinational sector companies located in the rest of the country.

The means that 53% of the jobs created by IDA client companies in2915 were outside Dublin. Nonetheless, multinational sector employment still grew by a robust 6.8% in the capital.

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