A new study by Linkedin has found that half (50%) of Irish workers surveyed weren’t confident that they could effectively describe their achievements if they stumbled across their dream employer.

The survey also found that nearly all (97%) of Irish workers surveyed understand that making a good first impression is important during the application process. Sixty-four percent of recruitment decision makers always look at a candidate’s LinkedIn profile and almost half (42%) make a judgement based on a candidate’s online presence.

Furthermore, 55% agree the impression you make online is just as important as the one you make in person and more than three-quarters (78%) believe it’s difficult to overcome a bad first impression.

This is despite the fact that  almost two-thirds (64%) of Irish workers didn’t think about their online persona before starting their current role.

The study indicates that Ireland’s lack of confidence in talking about work achievements may stem from a fear of bragging that over 55% of Irish workers feel when talking about their professional success.

The Irish workforce’s “fear of putting the head above the parapet” may hurt their wallets as over 63% agree that it is important to let senior staff members know about professional achievements in order to get a pay rise or promotion.

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