The results of an independent survey of senior IT decision-makers in Ireland found 40% of Irish businesses will increase their Internet of Things deployment in 2017.

The basis of Internet of Things (IoT) is to allow multiple electronic devices in the home or office to have network connectivity, enabling them to send and receive data.

IoT is seen as a crucial technology spanning the home, office, industry and commerce.

The Equinix study found that while almost three-quarters (74%) recognise that IoT will play a role in their business in the next five years, many are yet to implement a specific IoT strategy.

The study was carried out in October 2016 among 145 senior IT professionals and decision-makers in Irish-based businesses.

Surprisingly almost half (47%) of companies admitted that they don’t have a specific IoT strategy and don’t expect to implement one in next five years.
Currently, 33% of Irish enterprises deploy IoT technology within their business. Leading the way are retail (67%), education (60%) and healthcare (50%).

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