CramdenTECH has updated and revised its popular Board Governance Handbook for CLGs, to reflect the new Companies Act 2014 and the legal duties of company directors and company secretaries under Irish law.

The practical list of topics covered in the handbook include:

  • Principles of Good Governance
  • Legal Responsibilities of Company Directors and Company Secretaries
  • Roles of Honorary Board Members
  • Audit and Finance Sub-Committee Terms of Reference
  • Governance Sub-Committee Terms of Reference
  • Schedule of Matters Reserved to the Board
  • Business Code of Conduct
  • Board Rotation and Succession Planning
  • Board Meeting Code of Practice
  • How to Set a Board Agenda
  • How to Take Meeting Minutes
  • Declaration of Undertaking: Company Directors and Company Secretaries

A separate Declaration of Undertaking Form for Company Directors and Company Secretaries is also provided with the Handbook.

Download your handbook by clicking on the link below.

Corporate Governance Handbook for Non-Profit Companies (Ireland)