The Department of Finance today released the latest SME credit demand survey.

The survey covers the period October 2014 to March 2015 and shows that favourable trading conditions remain for SMEs. However, growth is at a lower rate compared to the previous six month period.

The report shows that 84% of SMEs report an increase or stabilization in trading conditions.

Business sentiment for the next 6 months remains positive with 56% of all SMEs expecting the business climate in Ireland to improve further.

An increase for all SMEs in credit demand from 31% to 32% was recorded, which is the first time in two years than an increase in overall credit demand has been recorded.

Bank lending has remained at the more positive levels seen in previous period, with 71% of all request for credit being approved.

Moe than half (54%) of SMEs believe that the banks are lending, with 25% now stating they don’t believe the banks are lending.

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