The Small Firms Association (SFA) yesterday urged Dublin Bus workers to call off six days of strike action scheduled for the month of September.

The Association claims that over 330,000 journeys will be disrupted on each day of the strike and that the impact will be significant at what should be a busy time for many small businesses.

SFA Director, Patricia Callan commented, “The Labour Court has made a recommendation on this matter for an 8.2% increase over 3 years, which is generous and should be accepted by the workers. The level of increase demanded by the Unions is completely out of line with wage trends in the economy.”

She added, “In small private sector businesses, only 60% of companies can afford to give pay rises, of on average 2%. On behalf of the thousands of small businesses whose employees and customers will be affected by the dispute, I call on workers to call off the strikes.”

Article Source: Business World