Irish SMEs with a website receive an average of 22 additional jobs a year with each job worth an average of almost €1,100, according to new IEDR research.

The research, conducted by Ignite Research in March, also showed that nearly three-quarters (71%) of Irish shoppers are more likely to purchase goods and services from a business that has a website.

Despite this, only a little over half of consumers (51%) believe that their local shops and businesses are equipped for the digital age (i.e. have a basic website, have e-commerce capability). Indeed, three-quarters (74%) said they find it frustrating when a company has no website.

Nearly two-thirds (65%) of consumers want the ability to browse and research their local business’s products and services online. Eighty three percent believe SMEs should have a basic website with contact details and opening hours and 68% believe a business is ‘outdated’ if it doesn’t have a website.

Crucially, 60% say they would shop with a competitor if they couldn’t find their preferred retailer online.

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