Access to broadband emerged as one of the key election battlegrounds and – to the surprise of Government parties – the focus of deep voter dissatisfaction both in pre-election opinion polls and at the ballot box.

Now, new details have emerged that prove that large swathes of the Irish countryside have been left without reliable internet connectivity.

Wexford and Kerry are seriously lagging behind the rest of country – with average download speeds of just 8.3 megabits per second (Mbps) and 8.6Mbps respectively.

The Taoiseach’s heartland of Mayo is also way down the national league table, with a speed of just 9.4Mbps.

Offaly (9.8Mbps), Cavan (10.1Mbps) and Clare (10.8Mbps) are also sluggish compared to the rest of the country.

Topping the list is Waterford, with 28.5Mbps, followed by Dublin at 27.9Mbps, and Kildare, which came in at 26.5Mbps.

Also in the top tier of broadband-connected counties are Carlow (21.1Mbps), Laois (19.3Mbps) and Cork (16.8Mbps).

In the mid-table are Galway (13.7Mbps), Westmeath (13.6Mbps) and Longford (12.6Mbps).

Overall, Ireland’s average broadband speed is 14.7Mbps.

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