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Course Overview

This course is based on CramdenTECH’s BoardPASS Standard training workshop for company secretaries, directors and trustees. It is designed specifically for people responsible for the governance of Companies Limited by Guarantee operating in Ireland. The Governance Code and relevant legislative requirements (such as The Companies Act 2014) underpin course content.


Learning Objectives

Topics presented enable course participants to answer five key questions:

  1. What are the governance responsibilities of a board with respect to leadership, control, accountability, effectiveness and integrity?
  2. What are the legal responsibilities of company directors and company secretaries?
  3. What roles do honorary officers fulfil?
  4. What are the “rules” that help guide board member behaviour and decision-making?
  5. What practical tools can be used to help further the work of a board

As part of this course, participants will have 30 days free access to BoardPASS 365 (cloud-based Governance Management System). Using BoardPASS 365 will provide course participants with an opportunity to use governance applications designed to help them to build their skills in Agenda Building, Minute Taking, building Risk Registers and developing Management Reports.


Completion Time

This course takes approximately 3 hours to complete.


Target Audience

An ideal course for non-profit company directors, charity trustees, company secretaries, management committee members, CEO’s and executive staff who support the governance function in organisations !


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Commence the Course & General Instructions

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  1. Please progress through each of the lessons in the course sequentially.
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